2006 Acura Integra

2006 Acura Integra Car Picture

How to Obtain a Budget Car Rental
By Steve Dearborn

1. Have a price in mind that you have budgeted for a rental unit and then seek dealers who rent at least close to what you can afford. Check out to see if the dealer includes gasoline or extra mileage in his price. Maybe he will deliver the car to your location and this would be part of the price.

2. It would be wise to seek some information about car rental deals on the internet. Most rental companies have loads of data on what kind of cars they provide, whether they include package deals, where the company has offices, pickup and return policies, and ... discounts! Working on a home computer is a quick way to surmise what the popular car rental dealers can do for you. The internet offers a great way to compare the rental packages between businesses.

3. You should check to see if you hold any credit cards which offer a discount at particular dealers. See if you will qualify for bonus points on the point deals offered by your credit cards. Remember, most new credit cards utilize a chip and a pin number. Be sure to douoble check on your pin number as some business will not use your credit card unless you know your pin number.

4. When you are in the final selection stage, be sure to examine the car you are renting for defects and damage that may have been brought about by prior rentals. Check for both exterior and interior damage. Point these details out to the dealer so he can enter them on the rental contract. If you overlook this step, you may find yourself being charged for damages when you return the vehicle. Also the dealer might give you a lower rental price if he knows the car you are renting has not met accepted standards for rental cars.

5. It may be possible to apply your own insurance policy to your rental unit. Also find out if your credit cards include a rider helping you with the insurance. Perhaps you have a membership card for an automotive club like AAA or CAA that will give you a discount on the rental. Be aware that you cannot rent a car without having some form of insurance on the car. This protects both you and the dealer.

6. Try to establish the rental period to your advantage such as taking the car early in the morning and making maximum driving use during the day. Also on weekends, you might have possession of the car for an extra day at a cheaper rate, especially if there is a problem in returning it if the dealer is closed.

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