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Things to Consider Before Tinting Your Car Windows

by Stu Henry

For years, car window tinting seemed to be reserved for drivers who owned luxury cars or for those who were more concerned about whether or not their vehicle looked “cool” when cruising down the street. Today, window tinting is done for a variety of reasons from privacy to limiting sun exposure. While window tinting can benefit drivers and even improve their driving performance, tinting may also be against the law, depending on where you live.

Benefits of Tinting Car Windows

While many drivers choose to tint their car windows for privacy, aesthetic purposes, or even that “air of mystery”, other drivers consider window tinting for their own protection. If you are considering car window tint, here are some of the benefits:

Protection from Harmful UV Rays: Some cars, straight off the lot, may have car and rear window glass that doesn’t block out the sun’s harmful rays. UV rays not only affects the skin of a driver, but it can also affect the interior of the car, such as cracking or fading upholstery. Most window film, tinted or clear, can block a substantial amount of UV rays.

Temperature Efficiency: If you spend a lot of time in your car, during summer heat and winter cold, you probably struggle to find and maintain a comfortable temperature throughout your vehicle. Window tints can reduce summer heat (which can be particularly helpful if you have dark interior) and increase air conditioning efficiency.

Decrease in Eye Fatigue: On a sunny day, the glare of the sun can put a major strain on your eyes and may even interfere with your driving performance, putting yourself at a greater risk of being involved in an accident. Window tint can reduce the glare, keeping your eyes from being fatigued, and decreases the the risks of an accident due to sun glare or driver fatigue.

Affordable: You don’t need to have a luxury car lifestyle to afford window tinting. While the price of window tinting can vary greatly from vehicle to vehicle, it can cost you anywhere from $50 to a couple hundred dollars. The pricing is dependent on the shape and size of the windows and the type of tint you would like. Either way, you will most likely pay well below $1,000.

Some Big Issues with Tinting

Although there are several benefits to having your car windows tinted, there are a few potential issues that may have you thinking twice:

Obstructed View: While most window tints don’t affect a driver’s ability to see, sometimes aftermarket window tinting can create a problem with visibility. According to Michael D. Kelly, Boston car accident lawyer, visibility issues from blindspots to a variety of obstructions can be the cause of an otherwise preventable car accident.

Legal Issues: Many drivers, who have their car windows tinted, may not know that the tint is illegal. Before you have your car windows tinted, make sure that the tint you choose is not going against your state’s window tinting laws, otherwise you may get stuck with a fine that cost more than the tinting. While each state law is different, there may be a medical exception to the rule such as sunlight sensitivity or lupus, but you should always have documented approval.

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