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Protect Your Vehicle During Tree Pollen Season

by David Wheeler

Across the country, the arrival of spring is often marked by a yellow-green dusting of tree pollen on vehicles. If you struggle with the constant battle of hazy visibility on your windshield, emptying your wallet at the local car wash, and fighting the urge to sneeze while in traffic, donít worry, you arenít alone. While the tree pollen problem may stick around longer than anyone would like, it wonít last forever. In the meantime, while youíre waiting for this annoying allergy season to pass, here are some tips to keep your car free from pesky tree pollen:

The Problems with Tree Pollen

The light coating of tree pollen on every outdoor surface isnít the only problematic passage of spring. Many people suffer severe spring allergies when the tree pollen count is high, making it difficult to get through the day without allergy medication. Like any medication, itís important for all users to read the label and make sure itís safe to operate a vehicle or that it wonít make you drowsy. According to Long Island Car Accident Lawyer, Richard S. Jaffe, drowsy driving is a major contributing factor of single car accidents, but other motorists may end up being unlucky and be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Additionally, itís important to try to manage those sniffles and sneezes because even a series of pollen induced sneezes could potentially put you at greater risk for being involved in or causing an accident (when you close your eyes or take your hand off of the wheel).

Caring For Your Vehicle

Tree pollen typically causes more harm to your nasal passages than your vehicle, but that said, you should still try to keep your vehicle free from pollen. If left unattended to, pollen can end up damaging your vehicleís surface due to the acids in the pollen. Car cleaning experts recommend waxing your car (before pollen season) to better protect your vehicleís surface. Secondly, avoid dry wiping pollen from your vehicle. Remember, pollen is like a dust and if you simply try to wipe it away without using water, you could end up scratching the surface of your car (which can lead to future rust issues). Continue to wash and wax your car on a regular basis throughout pollen season, but avoid added wax when the pollen count is high or in an area where pollen is visibly floating in the air.

Other Helpful Tips

Tree pollen on your windshield can make for less than ideal driving visibility. Make sure you keep your windshield washer fluid reservoir topped off and avoid trying to turn on the wipers without using wiper fluid first. Since wiper blades can become damaged with dirt and grime, take the time to wipe down the blades with soap and water. Not only will it extend the life of your wipers, it will prevent your windshield from being scratched. Itís also a good idea to have your wipers replaced after pollen season is over. During tree pollen season, try to park in a garage or covered area whenever possible and avoid parking directly under or around trees. For your own health and to protect the interior of your vehicle, avoid driving with your windows down and try to use the air conditioner to filter out pollen from entering your vehicle.

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