2010 Toyota Prius III Hybrid

Rear Left white 2010 Toyota Prius III Hybrid Car Picture

Selecting The Right Car
To Lessen Your Carbon Footprint

by Ivy Burke

Are you planning to buy a car? If you are, have you considered that you would be contributing to the very serious problem of global warming? This is something that endangers your health and threatens life on earth. Due to an increase in the greenhouse effect, global temperatures are already rising, the seas are swelling up, and there are severe droughts and flooding in many parts of the world. By choosing the right car, you can help to alleviate the problem, rather than being a part of it.

Global Warming

According to a recent survey, an average car every year spews about 10,000 pounds of CO2, which is one of the leading causes of global warming. That is approximately three times the weight of the car! When it comes to buying and driving a car, there are two main ways to do it choosing the right car and maintaining optimum driving conditions. Below is a short guide to help you choose the most fuel efficient vehicle to help reduce your carbon footprint.

Selecting the Right Car

  • Before buying a car, you must check whether it is fuel-efficient. Choose a car that travels distances without using up a lot of fuel. This will result in less emissions and therefore, less carbon footprint, not to mention a fatter wallet.

  • Choose a car that uses cleaner fuels. There are certain biofuels that produce less emissions than gasoline. Some cars have clean extraction techniques that ensure fuel does not get dirty with time. You must also consider these factors while selecting a car.

  • When it comes to selecting a car, you must read reviews and ratings to find out whether the car is high on maintenance. To reduce your carbon footprint, you need to maintain the car properly. If a car is high on maintenance, it may be difficult for you to maintain it in optimum driving condition. Keep in mind that this entails keeping the car tuned, replacing the oil at regular intervals, and cleaning the fuel filters regularly.

  • Some of the first things people check for when purchasing a car is the design and its fuel-efficiency. However, people often forget to consider the tires and their maintenance. Properly inflated tires help in increasing the fuel-efficiency of the car, and therefore help in reducing the carbon footprint.

  • If you are really serious about you carbon footprint, consider purchasing an electric car. As these vehicles run on electricity, there is no emission of carbon dioxide or other harmful gases, thereby reducing your carbon footprint.

Importance of Maintenance

Just as choosing the right car is important to reduce your carbon footprint, it is also important that you follow certain car maintenance and driving rules, to make sure that you are contributing to negligible carbon emissions. Keep these in mind:

  1. Do not drive too fast or too slow. In both the cases, there might be an increase in fuel consumption and possibly lead to a car accident.

  2. Keep the tires properly inflated and check that the car's functionality is kept in good order by regular tuneups.

  3. Do not overlook regular oil changes that help the fuel, oil and air filters to stay clean for engine efficiency.

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