4 Vehicle Exhaust System Safety Tips
by Matt Keegan

A properly functioning car exhaust system is critical toward keeping the environment clean, reducing noise, as well as preventing a deadly build up of carbon monoxide [CO] inside of your car. You can stop problems from occurring if you keep in mind the following four safety tips.

1. Annual inspection. If you own the correct equipment [such as a lift or jacks] you can perform a visual inspection yourself. Things to look for: corrosion, loose mountings, leaking joints, damage to various parts including the catalytic converter, muffler, pipes, and other exhaust components. Many garages and retail establishments offer free exhaust system inspections as well if you prefer to leave it up to a mechanic. Tip: Always check your exhaust system immediately after bottoming out from a pothole or running over road debris. Do not wait for your annual inspection; inspect it right away.

2. Keep windows cracked open. Carbon monoxide can build up in the cabin of your car without warning. You can't see it and by the time you realize its effects it may be too late. A slightly opened window will help gathering poisons to leave your car's interior. This is especially important to do if you are stuck in traffic.

3. Station wagon precautions. If you own a station wagon and you leave the tailgate down while driving, make sure that windows or vents are open.

4. Open up the garage door. Letting your vehicle run inside a closed garage can be deadly. Fumes will quickly accumulate in the garage and spread to the remainder of the house if you have an attached garage. If you must run your car inside of the garage, vent it by opening up the garage door. Always keep the door from the garage to the rest of the house closed when your car is running inside of your garage.

If you determine that your exhaust system does need maintenance, you can do the work yourself and save plenty of money. Top performing exhaust system brands include:
Bosal Exhaust
Gibson Exhaust
Magnaflow Exhaust
as well as others. Selecting the right system for your car can help you reduce noise, increase torque, and free up horsepower. Above all, a well fitted, properly installed system will protect the environment both inside and outside of your vehicle.

About the author -
Matt Keegan is a contributing writer for Parts Train, an online supplier of high quality and well priced automobile parts.

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