Brake Dust Shields Protect Your Wheels
by Matt Keegan

The quickest way to ruin the wheels on your car is to let brake dust gather unimpeded. Sure, you can clean the dust off on a daily basis, but who has the time? What if you ruin them by using an abrasive cleaner? However, if you don't do something about the problem, your wheels' finish will most certainly corrode and deteriorate. This is not something you want to see: your pricey AMG 129s eating dust! Fortunately, in this world of ever improving technology a permanent and cost effective solution will take care of the problem for less than $100.

Brake dust shields [also known as wheel dust shields] can successfully protect your wheels from dust. Made of high strength aluminum alloy, brake dust shields fit securely between the hub and wheel just like an inside hubcap; the turbo-venting design of the shield enhances brake cooling.

Properly installed brake shields are a great idea for the following reasons:

They will keep your wheels shiny and like new; protects them from damaging brake dust.

Are easy for you to install; no special tools are necessary.

Are made of a one piece no-maintenance aluminum alloy.

Come in a variety of sizes that fit virtually all cars, trucks, and SUVs equipped with factory wheels.

Will not impact your new car warranty.

Brake dust shields are sold in pairs and are custom made for your wheels. In most cases you can order and receive two pairs and have them shipped to your home for under $100. When you consider that your AMG 129s cost $863 each, the investment is well worth it; almost like having wheel insurance without reoccurring annual charges!

Currently, there is only one manufacturer of wheel dust shields, Kleen Wheels. Some cars come factory equipped with these shields as the importance of protecting pricey wheels is not lost on some car manufacturers, particularly those marketing high end car lines.

A tip: When ordering brake dust shields you are ordering them for the wheel not the car. Shields will be different if your wheels are factory delivered or after market installed. Make sure you are clear on this when placing your order as you could learn that the shields you ordered do not match your wheels.

Yeah, AMG 129s are totally cool. Without the brake dust, that is!

Matt Keegan is a contributing writer for Car Parts Stuff, an online supplier of high quality and well priced automobile parts.

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