Features Youíll Want on Your New Car
by Mary M. Alward

At one time if your car had power lock doors and power windows, you were in the lap of luxury. Today, there is a whole new range of devices and doodads that technology offers to car owners. What latest features will you want on your new car? Letís take a look.

On Star

This is a great little piece of technology that you wonít want to do without. On Star gives you a real human assistant who is only the push of a button away. If you are a woman driving at night and someone is following you, just push the On Star button and the police will be called and sent to offer you assistance. Guys, need roadside assistance? Push the button and a tow truck will arrive shortly. If youíre in a car accident Ė not, and your air bags deploy, On Star will call you to be sure you are all right. Yes, they definitely know when air bags deploy. One of the most amazing things about On Star is that it can even find your vehicle if it is stolen, whether it disappear from your driveway or from a parking lot. If youíre locked out, On Star has a remote control that will open your vehicle. How do you get this top notch On Star service? You purchase it for a low monthly payment of around $20. Itís a must have and can even be a life saver.

Skid Control

A skid control system uses anti-lock brake sensors, steering wheel and pedal position sensors and accelerometers to decide what your vehicle is doing and what you want it to be doing. If these two equations donít add up, the skid control system can apply your brakes to individual wheels. Even the best driver canít accomplish that amazing feat. Skid control also reduces the power of your vehicleís engine to keep it headed in the direction you are steering toward. A skid control system works great and you never know itís there until you need it. Then, itís right on top of the situation. Skid control is a great feature that youíll want on your next new car.

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry is a toy, thereís no doubt about it, but one that you will definitely want to have if youíre in the market for a new car. With keyless entry, all you have to do is push a button on a small remote control that you hold in our hand and that is most often attached to your key ring. This allows you the ability to get into your car quickly in all situations and gives you protection. Most keyless remotes work like this. You push the remote once and only the driverís door opens. You push it again and all the doors unlock. If someone is following you through a dimly lighted parking lot, hit the button before you get to your car. Then, quickly slide into your seat while pushing the lock button. Presto! Youíre safe and sound, even though the adrenaline is still pumping. But donít stop there. Push the panic button on the keyless entry remote and the headlights start flashing and the horn blasts. No one with ill intentions is going to stick around with the lights flashing and the horn blasting. On the other hand, some people will come to find out what all the commotion is about. This is another handy device that could save your life. So, if youíre in the market for a new car, ask the salesman if the vehicle model that youíre considering has all of these amazing gadgets attached for the price. If not, try to get him to cut a deal. All three features are offered on most new cars.

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