Pros and Cons of Used Car Classifieds
by Steve Dearborn

There are several options to buying used cars. Although choosing between these options will depend on your priority and preference, you have the benefit that sorting all the listings in classified ads will bring you.

With so many options, how will you determine whose terms can provide you with the appropriate used car of your choice?

Here is a brief list of second-hand car buying and selling options with pros and cons.

1) Dealers:

The majority of the used-car dealers supply their list of classified sales. They provide you with a guarantee of title and the best legal protection. Dealers also offer a broad selection of cars and most offer less expensive or older model cars.

On the other hand, trade-ins might not provide the best price for your present car and purchasing a used-car could be risky since some dealers buy from taxi companies, police departments and lease fleets.

To ensure the quality of a second-hand car, visit a dealership that specializes in the makes and models you prefer. Also check with people you know who might recommend a dealer for you to consider.

2) Private Owners:

There are two things to remember when buying from a private owner – they maintain their car regularly and keep it in reasonably good condition or they are trying to sell the car to dispose of junk. Although many privately owned used cars come cheap, you would be taking an investment risk with no warranty, security title and no legal recourse if you purchased a lemon.

You should ask for repair and maintenance receipts to ensure the upholding of the vehicle.

3) Car auctions:

Here you could get a good deal and save a lot of money if you really know cars and are an avid fixer-upper. Auctions also guarantee the car title.

However, you should first do your homework. Some auctions do not provide warranties and cannot let you run a test drive. In addition, you might not be able to check the vehicle´s history record.

4) Rental car companies:

Rental cars can be a good deal since they are rented by vacationers, businesspersons for short trips, and are guaranteed wearing road trips. Their cars are generally serviced on a regular basis and they could provide the records of maintenance history.

However, even with a maintenance record, buyers would not have any idea who has actually driven the car before it went up for sale. Rental cars could also cost slightly more than used-cars bought from private sellers.

Research is important to guarantee a best deal in your car investment. Avoid being scammed in the classifieds by trying the best option that would suit your needs.

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