1995 BMW 318i

Front left 1995 BMW 318i Car Picture

Better Way to Hold the Steering Wheel

by Donnie Jones

We are all familiar with placing our hands at the ten o'clock and two o'clock positions on the steering wheel. This is what we were all taught and the majority of drivers on the roads today use this method. Now it is being suggested because of the introduction of airbags we should adjust the placement of the hands to the nine o'clock and three o'clock positions with the thumbs on top of the steering wheel in line with the steering wheel itself rather than curled around the steering wheel.

It has been discovered that sometimes in an accident the airbag deployment would cause your hands to carry up to the head and cause an injury and, in some cases, even break the driver's thumbs. By having the hands further on the sides of the steering wheel this could be avoided.

Some drivers feel this new position is uncomfortable at first but, after some practice, can make the adjustment. There still may be the necessity of using the hand-over-hand method of making turns but you should refrain from using the hand upside down under the steering wheel. Keep the hand on top of the steering wheel. Also avoid steering with only one hand and stay away from steering with your knee. Remember that steering is the main way you are controlling the direction of the car. Don't casually play with the steering wheel; it could cost you your life.

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