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Holden Car Pictures - Page 4

In 2002, Holden set an all-time sales record for an Australian carmaker, when it was proclaimed the total market leader and the top selling car for seventh consecutive year. Holden continues to manufacture motor vehicles in Australia as a subsidiary of General Motors, as well as exporting vehicles and engines to other countries. In 2002, Holden contributed $1.1 billion to Australia's balance of trade. Among other models, it produces the popular Commodore.

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Holden Car Pictures
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Holden Astra VXR Car Picture
Holden Astra VXR
Holden Monaro Car Picture
Holden Monaro
2007 Holden Epica Car Picture
2007 Holden Epica
2003 Holden Commodore VY Car Picture
2003 Holden
Commodore VY
2007 Holden SV6 Car Picture
2007 Holden SV6
2000 Holden Astra Car Picture
2000 Holden Astra

"VE Ute is Holden`s first completely new ute design since the VU series in 2000. It offers more features, more useable interior space, greater storage flexibility and more performance than any of its predecessors. The Ute`s development tells the story of Australia. Today`s Ute is about working hard, playing hard and enjoying an active lifestyle."

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2007 Commodore VE Car Picture
2007 Commodore VE
2000 Holden Commodore VT Car Picture
2000 Holden
Commodore VT
2008 Holden VE Ute Car Picture
2008 Holden VE Ute
2001 Holden Monaro Car Picture
2001 Holden Monaro
2005 Holden Efijy Concept Car Picture
2005 Holden
Efijy Concept
1994 Holden Commodore Executive Car Picture
1994 Holden
Commodore VR
Front View Silver 2009 Holden Commodore VE Car Picture
2009 Holden
Right Side 2004 Holden Monaro VZ Car Picture
2004 Holden
Monaro VZ
Front Left 1975 Holden LH Torana Car Picture
1975 Holden LH Torana
For people who already know something about buying used cars but wish to know when not to buy them, here are some pointers that may help:
1. Be wary of buying used cars from owners who don't have complete and pertinent related documents.
2. Stay within your budget. If the car needs a lot of repairs or maintenance, then don't buy it.
3. If not comfortable after test-driving a car, then don't buy it.
4. Consider the insurance requirements. If your car is a model that insurance companies tend to avoid or charge an unusally high premium, then you may not want to buy it.
5. If you suspect you are gambling with your money in buying a used car, then don't buy it. Any car purchase should be a good clear decision on your part.
2003 Holden Vectra Car Picture
2003 Holden Vectra.
2007 Holden Astra SRi Car Picture
2007 Holden Astra SRi
1996 Holden Commodore VS Car Picture
1996 Holden
Commodore VS
2005 Holden WM Statesman Car Picture
2005 Holden
WM Statesman
2007 Holden Ute SS Car Picture
2007 Holden Ute
2006 Holden Commodore Statesman Car Picture
2006 Holden
1977 Holden HX Kingswood Car Picture
1977 Holden HX Kingswood
Holden Commodore 60th Anniversary Vehicle
Holden Commodore
60th Anniversary
2012 Holden Commodore SS Car Picture
2012 Holden Commodore SS

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Holden Car Pictures
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