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Advice for First-Time Parents: Take a 'Babymoon' Road Trip

by Charlotte Thompson

For couples who are about to become first-time parents, consider one last trip — just the two of you. Before the baby arrives, you can be your romantic selves with no worries of babysitters, car seats and changing tables. Pregnant women are safer if they travel by car because they'll be more comfortable and have better access if an emergency comes up, so plan a classic road trip with lots of stops along the way.

Pregnancy and Circulation

Pregnant women are more prone to blood clots than others, especially when seated for long periods. Try to stop every 90 minutes and get out of the car to walk around. Wear compression socks or tights to improve your circulation, and do exercises to increase the blood flow while riding as a passenger. Point your toes, draw circles in the air, and flex and point to increase the flow of blood from your feet to your heart, Varicose Vein Directory recommends.

Apps for Road Trips

Interstate roads have rest stops along the route, but this gets boring if you're stopping multiple times a day. Use TripIt app as your personal travel agent. It allows you to completely plan a trip, from start to finish. It will organize suggested restaurants, concerts, stops along the way, and even alternate routes. Gogobot is another free app that offers suggestions for things to do based on the type of traveler you are. You'll find hotels, restaurants, shopping, attractions and more based on your current location.

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Find a Bathroom

Let's face it: pregnant women have to go to the bathroom often. It's simply the nature of your situation. When you're on a road trip, sometimes knowing the location of the nearest next bathroom is the most important information you could own. Luckily, there are a couple of apps for that. ToiletFinder, free, will show you the closest public bathroom, and is available for download on iPhone and all other i-products. If you're running on Android, download Find Toilets, also free.

Protect Your Identity

With the joy of your impending birth, the changes in your body, and the excitement of being on the road, you may not be as observant as usual. This is the time when identity thieves can take the easiest advantage of you. They'll snap video of you punching in pin numbers over your shoulder, use card readers in restaurants, and grab your ID from purses hanging on chair backs. Tech database Crunchbase says LifeLock charges $10 a month for identity theft protection and offers a $1 million guarantee. Whether or not you have that added layer of security, be aware of your surroundings and take precautions.

Snacks For Moms-to-be

Pregnant women need to eat often. Pack nonperishable, low-sodium snacks that you can munch on between stops. A homemade trail mix, granola bars, crackers or dry cereal are perfect snacks. If you have space for a cooler, pack fruits and veggies, yogurt, cheeses or healthy snacks that your body craves.

Before you leave for your trip, let your doctor know how long you'll be gone, where you are going and if you have any restrictions on activities.

About the Author:
Charlotte Thompson focuses mostly in holistic health, and loves sharing her wealth of knowledge to others.

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