2006 Jaguar XK

Front Right Silver 2006 Jaguar XK Convertible Car Picture

The Jaguar XK

Jaguar`s XK series first came out in 1996 and has been produced in several two-door convertible and two-door coupe body styles. The XK8 was the British carmaker`s first 8-cylinder automobile, using the new-at-the-time Jaguar AJ-V8 engine. In 2005, Jaguar introduced the XKR, a car that could quickly reach speeds of 174 miles-per-hour. The even faster XKR-S came out in 2012, including an additional 40 horsepower and the ability to go from 0-to-60 in just 4.4 seconds.

The Features

Jaguar has always used the most up to date technologies and the Jaguar XK is no different. From the intelligent headlamps to the heated powerfold mirrors and from the rain-sensing windshield wipers to the reverse park camera, the Jaguar XK offers a host of convenience and safety features. You even get rear and front parking aids that beep a warning when you get too near other objects. The touch screen on the center console will show you exactly where those objects are located.

The Engines

There are three engine options in the Jaguar XK series, with the base engine offering 385 PS and 0-to-60 in 5.2 seconds. The supercharged engine cranks up the power to 550 PS and has an even faster acceleration speed. The Jaguar XK models come with a 6-speed automatic transmission, but you can switch to manual operations with just the push of a paddle. Anti-lock brakes, automatic adjusting suspension and anti-skid control are all standard on these cars.

The Cosmetics

Coupes have a hatchback design with a hinged rear roof section, while convertibles use a power soft top. The roof folds neatly so that it lies flush with the car`s body and reduces drag. The Jaguar XK comes in 14 different wheel designs that vary according to the model you purchase and which options pack you choose. You also have a broad selection of interior colors, veneers and trims. Jaguar uses hand-stitched leather materials, but you can choose between bond-grain or soft-grain.

The Good

Jaguar has never compromised on luxury and every aspect of the XK is luxurious as well as ergonomical. These cars were created to give you the smoothest, most comfortable driving experience possible. Jaguar XKs have the reputation for handling great on the road and for offering excellent acceleration.

The Not-So-Good

Critics mention that there`s not much room in the back, so it`s hard to sit comfortably in the rear seats. There`s also not very much cargo room for you to transport stuff. The Jaguar XK series cars aren`t the most economical cars when it comes to fuel. According to the auto editors at "Consumer Guide," the Jaguar XK`s trouble spots include the air conditioner and the brakes. Wind noise in the convertibles and suspension noise in both convertibles and coupes are also common complaints. The module activating the power seats sometimes goes wonky and you`ll have trouble getting them to move. Occasionally the seatbelt warning chime and light might activate, even if nobody is riding in the passenger seat. Although the Jaguar XK continues to be a luxurious car that handles well on the road, it never hurts to have RAC roadside assistance to help out when problems occur. But until a problem pops up, just sit back and enjoy this great ride.

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